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SAC (Single Assignment C) is a strict purely functional programming language which design is focused on the needs of numerical applications. Emphasis is laid on efficient support for array processing. Efficiency concerns are essentially twofold. On the one hand, efficiency in program development is to be improved by the opportunity to specify array operations on a high level of abstraction. On the other hand, efficiency in program execution, i.e. the runtime performance of programs, in time and memory consumption, is still to be achieved by sophisticated compilation schemes.

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Features of SAC programming language :

  • Potential runtime errors detected statically
  • The specification of domain restrictions are supported to improve program.
  • Improved code generation with respect to runtime efficiency.

The major design principles of SaC are:

  • SAC is a call-by-value semantics,
  • n-dimensional arrays are directly supported,
  • Shape-invariant array comprehensions are supported,
  • A memory management based on reference counting and
  • Competitive runtimes is achieve by high-level optimizations.
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{`factorial function: data-parallel using SaC
int fac( int n)
return prod( 1 + iota( n));