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S-Lang is a programmer’s library that provide developers with facilities like screen management, keyboard input, keymaps, etc. that help programmers in creating interactive multi-platform softwares. Slang interpreter is used to make a program extensible by embedding it into the program. A part of S-Lang distribution, slsh, is used with the interpreter to be used in a stand-alone fashion. The integer type in S-lang interpreter are the ones supported by C language, signed and unsigned versions of char, short, int and long. It also supports both single and double precision types and a double precision complex type. Other data types that are supported by the S-Lang interpreter include strings, lists, associative arrays (hashes), user-defined structures, and multi-dimensional arrays of any data-type.

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Features of S-Lang programming language:

  • Global and local variables
  • Branching and looping constructs
  • User-defined function
  • Structure
  • Array
  • Data types
  • S-Lang supports a variety of operators that are grouped into three classes: assignment operators, binary operators and unary operators.

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{`An example is:
i = where (hypot(X,Y) <= 1); X = X[i]; Y = Y[i]; is a filtering operation that removes all points from a pair of (X,Y) arrays that fall outside the unit circle.`}
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