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Pascal, an imperative and procedural programming language developed by Niklaus Wirth during 1968-69, is a comprehensive and efficient computer language designed to help programmers to have good practice of structured programming and data structuring. Object Pascal is a derivative of Pascal and was designed for object-oriented programming.

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Pascal programming language

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Features of Pascal programming language :

  • Pascal is a strongly typed language.
  • It offers extensive error checking.
  • Arrays, records, files and sets data type are offered.
  • In Pascal various programming structures are offered.
  • Structured programming is supported.
  • Object oriented programming is supported.
Control Structure
{` coding in Pascal is similar to following:
while a <> b do writeln('Waiting');
if a > b then
writeln('Condition met')
writeln('Condition not met');
for i := 1 to 10 do
writeln('Iteration: ', i:1);
a := a + 1
until a = 10;
case i of
0: write('zero');
1: write('one');
2: write('two')