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PDL (short for Perl Data Language) is a set of array programming extensions to the Perl programming language. PDL is an extension to Perl v5, intended for scientific and other data intensive programming tasks. Perl's data structures are intended for small to medium sized analysis tasks: they embody simple data structures and include considerable behind-the-scenes magic for type conversion, variable size, and the like. Numerical tasks such as image processing and computer modeling of physical systems require more structured data, and PDL supplies this need by including more traditional array constructs and additional syntax to describe vector processes. On a computer with both Perl and PDL installed, any Perl script can use the PDL functionality by declaring {"use PDL;"}.

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Features of PDL programming language :

  • AutoLoader: It support MATLAB-style function autoloader
  • Slices: Indexing and slices. How to access a subset of a piddle.
  • NiceSlice: Nicer syntax for slices.
{`A typical session of perldl would look something like the following:
perldl> $x = pdl [[1, 2], [3, 4]]; perldl> $y = pdl [[5, 6, 7], [8, 9, 0]]; perldl> $z = $x x $y; perldl> p $z; [ [21 24 7] [47 54 21] ]`}
Perl Data Language Assignment Help