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NESL Assignment Help Order NowNESL is a parallel programming language developed at Carnegie Mellon by the SCandAL project and released in 1993. It integrates various ideas from parallel algorithms, and functional programming and array programming languages.

The most important new ideas behind NESL are:

  • Nested data parallelism
  • A language based performance model
NESL Assignment Help

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NESL programming Code

NESL Programming Help
(def op (order s k) ( int <- int)
(with (( l (length s))
(pivot (elt s (/ l 2)))
(lesser (pack s (v.< s v.pivot))))
(if (< k (length lesser))
(order lesser k)
(with ((greater (pack s (v.> s v.pivot))))
(if (>= k (- l (length greater)))
(order greater (- k (- l (length greater))))