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Linoleum Assignment Help

Linoleum Assignment Help Order NowThe (often called Linoleum or simply Lino) is an unstructured, untyped, procedural programming language and a cross-platform assembler developed by Italian programmer Alessandro Ghignola beginning in 2001. The initials stand for Low-level INterfaced Over Language for Extremely Universal Machine-coding. The programming language (hereafter referred to as Lino) is easier to learn than assembly languages. The Lino assembler is designed to assemble executable code for different central processing units (CPU) without needing changes to the source code.

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Here is an example of a full Lino program.[2]Linoleum assignment help

( *** LINOLEUM Example 1: Raising the power! *** )
program name = { Raise_the_power! }
unit = 32;
A = 7;
B = 10;
--> B;
C = 1;
? B = 0 -> finished;
"raise again"
C * A;
B ^ raise again;
<-- B;
show registers;

linoleum assignment help
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