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LC-3 Assignment Help Order NowLittle Computer 3, or LC-3, is a type of computer educational programming language, an assembly language, which is a type of low-level programming language. It features a relatively simple instruction set, but can be used to write moderately complex assembly programs, and is a theoretically viable target for a C compiler. The language is less complex than x86 assembly but has many features similar to those in more complex languages. These features make it useful for beginning instruction, so it is most often used to teach fundamentals of programming and computer architecture to computer science and computer engineering students.

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Features of the LC-3 programming language:

  • Word size of machine remains 16 bits, but its memory is now byte-addressable with the same address space.
  • The LD and ST instructions have been removed.
  • The LDI and STI instructions (indirect loads and stores) use register-based addressing instead of PC-relative addressing.
  • LDB and STB are manipulate individual bytes of memory; the other load and store instructions continue to act on entire words.
  • Reserved opcode are converted into a shift instruction.

LC-3 Programming Code

.orig x3000

LC-3 programming help
{`LD R2, Zero
  LD R0, M0
  LD R1, M1
  Loop BRz Done
  ADD R2, R2, R0
  ADD R1, R1, -1
  BR Loop
  Done ST R2, Res
  Res.FILL x0000
  Zero.FILL x0000
  M0 .FILL x0007
  M1 .FILL x0003

LC-3 Assignment Help