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J Assignment Help Order Now The J programming language, developed in the early 1990s by Kenneth E. Iverson and Roger Hui, is a synthesis of APL (also by Iverson) and the FP and FL function-level languages created by John Backus. To avoid repeating the APL special character problem, J requires only the basic ASCII character set, resorting to the use of digraphs formed using the dot or colon characters to extend the meaning of the basic characters available.

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Features of J programming language:

  • It is easy to lean, and some great stuff is very easy.
  • The literal (character) type is supported by J programming.
  • J programming language also supports sparse numeric arrays
  • Supports objects and classes

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J programming language supports three simple types:

  • Numeric data type
  • Literal (Character)
  • Boxed is supported
{`The following is a J program to calculate the average of a list of numbers:
avg=: +/ % #
avg 1 2 3 4