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Features of IDL programming language:

  • IDL is dynamically typed.
  • IDL has separate namespaces for procedures and variables, functions.
  • IDL was originally single threaded.
  • IDL has all function arguments passed by reference
  • Parameters are passed by reference.
  • IDL does not require variables to be predeceased.

IDL Programming Code Example

{`For example, the simple data file below contains a series of records consisting for an integer and three floats
  1 1. 2.34 5.6
  0 2.0 3.5 10.9
  2 0.9 67.5349 5.6
  The following procedure will import the data into a structure, a
  pro import_test
  a={moltype:0, dec:0.0, cnt:0.0, msize:0.0}

  n_items = 0
  OPENR, 1, 'data.txt'
  while (n_items LT 1000) do begin
  on_ioerror, endoffile
  READF, 1, a

  n_items=n_items + 1
  close, 1
Interactive Data Language Assignment Help