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HLASM Assignment Help Order NowHigh-level assemblers are assembly language translators that incorporate features found in modern high-level programming languages into an assembler. Some high-level assemblers are Borland's TASM, Microsoft's MASM, IBM's HLASM (for z/Architecture systems), Alessandro Ghignola's Linoleum, Jim Niel's Terse, Randall Hyde's HLA and Niklaus Wirth's PL/360. High-level assemblers typically provide all the usual low-level machine instructions, plus statements like IF, WHILE, REPEAT...UNTIL, and FOR, in their base language. This allows assembly programmers to use high-level control statement abstractions wherever maximal speed or minimal space is not absolutely required and drop down to low-level machine code when fast or short code is desirable. The end result is assembly source code that is far more readable than standard assembly code while preserving the efficiency inherent with using assembly language.

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Feature of HLASM programming language:

  • A new associated data file, the ADATA file, containing language-dependent
  • Migration from DOS/VSE Assembler is assisted by a DOS operation code table
  • Most working storage requirements use 31-bit addressing.
  • Diagnostic capabilities and internal performance enhancements are done by a generalized object format data.

HLASM Programming Code

  DC  XL8'00C300C300D50000'  Signature
  DC  CL8'yyyymmdd'       Compiled Date YYYYMMDD
  DC  CL6'hhmmss'         Compiled Time HHMMSS
  DC  XL4'41090000'       Compiler Version
  DC  XL2'0000'
  DC  BL1'00000000'   Flag Set 1 
  DC  BL1'00000000'   Flag Set 2
  DC  BL1'00000000'   Flag Set 3
  DC  BL1'11000000'   Flag Set 4  1 ,  2 
  DC  XL4'00000000'
  DS  0H  3 
  DC  AL2(32)  4 
  DC  C'copyright comment + user comment'
  DC  C' '
  DS  0H 5 
  DC  AL2(8)                              6 
  DC  C'service'
  DC  C' '
HLASM Assignment Help