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High Level Assembler (HLA) Assignment Help Order NowHigh Level Assembler (HLA) is an assembly language developed by Randall Hyde. It allows the use of higher-level language constructs to aid both beginners and advanced assembly developers. It fully supports advanced data types and object-oriented assembly language programming. It uses a syntax loosely based on several high-level languages (HLL), such as Pascal, Ada, Modula-2, and C++, to allow creating readable assembly language programs, and to allow HLL programmers to learn HLA as fast as possible.

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it's very common to see demo HLA programs that look like this:

  program helloWorld;
  #begin helloWorld;
  stdout.put( "Hello World" nl );
  end helloWorld;

HLASM provides many new assembler instruction statements:

  • *PROCESS: Source-file assembly options
  • ACONTROL: Dynamic control of certain options
  • ADATA: User data kept with the SYSADATA file
  • ALIAS: Modifies external symbols in object file
  • CEJECT Conditional control of listing pagination
  • CATTR: Assign class names and attributes
  • EXITCTL: Provide control data to I/O exits
  • XA TTR: Assign attributes to external symbols
High Level Assembler Assignment Help