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The GNU Assembler, commonly known as GAS (even though the program itself is as), is the assembler used by the GNU Project. It is the default back-end of GCC. It is used to assemble the GNU operating system and the Linux kernel, and various other software. It is a part of the GNU Binutils package.

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Features of GAS programming language:

  • No need to worry about 64K segments. Segments can be 4 gigabytes in length under the 32-bit architecture.
  • 32-bit segments have a protection mechanism for segments, which you have the option of using.

Here is the example as C-inline assembler in Intel syntax:

  __asm__ __volatile__(".intel_syntax noprefix\n\t"
  "pop edx\n\t"
  "mov eax,edx\n\t"
  ".att_syntax prefix\n\t"
  : /* no outputs */
  : "d" (save_var), "a" (temp_var) /* inputs */
  "eax", "edx" /* clobber list */);
GNU Assembler Assignment Help