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FISh is an array programming language that aims to combine the expressive power of functional programming with the efficient execution of imperative (procedural) programming. Its strategy is to perform what it calls "static shape analysis" on all programs before executing them. This "shape computation" reduces higher-order functional programs to simple imperative forms.

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Features of the FISh programming language:

  • FISh supports polymorphism.
  • FISh is able to handle poly dimensional arrays.
  • FISh programs is many times faster than equivalent programs in other polymorphic functional languages.
  • FISh supports datum types for integer’s int, booleans bool, reals or floats float and characters char.
  • FISh supports functions of high type arbitrarily.
  • FISh also supports storable arrays.

FISh Programming Code Example

  let quicksort_ pr ( cmp: exp a -> exp a -> bool )
  (array:  var [a]) =
  let rec qs m n =
  if m>=n then skip
  new pivot =array [(m+ n) div 2]
  and i =m
  and j =n in
  while cmp array [ i ] pivot do incr  i done;
  while cmp pivot array [ j ] do decr  j done;
  while i < j do
  new aux =array [ i ]  in
  array [ i ] := array [ j ];
  array [ j ] := aux
  incr i ; decr j;
  while cmp array [i] pivot do incr i done;
  while cmp pivot array [j] do decr j done
  if i=j then incr i; decr j else skip);
  qs m (! j ) ;qs(! I ) n
  in qs 0 ( lendim #array -1)
  let quicksort cmp arg =
  new aux =arg in
  quicksort _pr cmp aux
  return aux ;;`}