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FASM (flat assembler) is a type of computer software, a tool for programming, called an assembler. It supports programming in Intel-style assembly language on the IA-32 and x86-64 computer architectures. It is known for its high speed, size optimizations, operating system (OS) portability, and macro abilities. It is a low-level assembler and intentionally uses very few command-line options (see 'SSSO'). It is free and open source software.

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FASM Programming code:

  ;fasm example of writing 16-bit COM program

  org	100h; code starts at offset 100h
  use16; use 16-bit code

  display_text = 9

  mov	ah,display_text
  mov	dx,hello
  int	21h

  int	20h

  hello db 'Hello world!',24h
FASM Assignment Help