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F-Script was developed by Philippe Mougin for Apple_Inc Mac OS X operating system. It is an object oriented scripting language that contains tools to explore and manipulate Cocoa objects. It also scripts high level programming techniques. F-Script is Smalltalk with support for array programming for Cocoa Objects. Students struggle in F-Script codes and debugging. Sometimes they need help in syntax error or run time error.

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Feature of F-Script programming language

  • Three supported data types (string, integer, double)
  • Conditional execution ('if' statements)
  • Loops ('while')
  • Functions (including recursive functions)
  • Local & global variable scope
  F-Script Programming Code
  object map,obj
  #Create out test object

  #Set a field using explicit call
  obj.setValue("Test value for object")
  #But we could do this which is equiv to the setValue call
  #obj.Value="Test value for object"

  #get value using the implicit getter
  #however we could have done this
F-Script Programming Help