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DASL Assignment Help Order NowDASL (Distributed Application Specification Language) defines an application as a domain model with one or more logical presentation models, where a logical presentation model consists of choreography of the domain model objects described in a set of forms with attached actions. DASL generates the graphical user interface directly from the logical presentation. DASL is unique among modern application programming languages in its ability to generate a modern graphic user interface for an application without requiring the programmer to define the user interface explicitly, while allowing the programmer to control the look and feel of the generated graphic user interface. The DASL language is partially declarative and partially procedural. Description of object/data structures and persistence and the description of the logical presentation, are declarative. Basic object constraints and behaviour are declarative, while additional object behaviors are specified procedurally as methods. Queries can be defined either declaratively or by writing methods.

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Features of DASL programming language:

  • Applications can be specified in a very precise and concise way that expresses the application logic.
  • Writing, understanding, and maintaining the application code is much easier at the DASL
  • It combines a declarative syntax with a Java-like procedural syntax.