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Common Lisp, commonly abbreviated CL, is a dialect of the Lisp programming language, published in ANSI standard document ANSI INCITS 226-1994 (R2004). From the ANSI Common Lisp standard the Common Lisp HyperSpec has been derived for use with web browsers. Common Lisp was developed to standardize the divergent variants of Lisp (though mainly the MacLisp variants) which predated it, thus it is not an implementation but rather a language specification. Several implementations of the Common Lisp standard are available, including free and open source software and proprietary products.

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Common Lisp is a general-purpose, multi-paradigm programming language. It supports a combination of procedural, functional and object-oriented programming paradigms. As a dynamic programming language, it facilitates evolutionary and incremental software development, with iterative compilation into efficient run-time programs.

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Common Lisp Assignment Help Order Now An example of exponentiating by squaring is:

Features of Common lisp programming language :

  • clear syntax, carefully designed semantics
  • Several data types: lists, characters, numbers, strings, arrays, symbols, structures, streams etc.
  • Dynamic typing: No need to bother about type declarations
  • Generic functions: functions for all kinds of numbers
  • automatic memory management (garbage collection)
  • packaging of programs into modules
  • an object system, generic functions with powerful method combination
  (defun power (x n)
  (loop with result = 1
  while (plusp n)
  when (oddp n) do (setf result (* result x))
  do (setf x (* x x)
  n (truncate n 2))
  finally (return result)))