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Biotechnology Introduction:

The term Biotechnology is made up of two words Biology and Technology. It is a technique to use biological agents or their components for generating products, services useful for human beings. But it covers very wide area and technique involved is divergent. It is very difficult to give precise definition of the subject. Some standard definitions of biotechnology are given below.

1. Biotechnology consists of "the control use of biological agents such as microorganisms or cellular components for beneficial use.":-U.S. Natural Science Federation

2. Biotechnology is "the integrated use of biochemistry, microbiology, and engineering sciences in order to achieve technological application of the capabilities of microorganism, cultured tissues/cells and parts thereof.":- European Federation of Biotechnology

Biotechnology Homework HelpThese different definitions of biotechnology differ in their approach, content and emphasis. But used the biological agents or their component and obtaining of products or services, both features are common in all definition.

History Of Biotechnology

Although term biotechnology originated recently, but humans employed microorganisms about 7000 year back for obtaining wine, vinegar, curd, leaven bread etc. Some of these processes are very common in our kitchen work; we have a slight hesitation to refer them as biotechnology. All these processes that are totally based on capabilities of microorganisms are known as old biotechnological processes.

Biotechnology Assignment Help

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An undergraduate degree in Biotechnology covers the study of gene manipulation and ‘processing’ along with a plethora of subjects such as microbiology, chemistry, and more. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Biotechnology gained maximum attention from people all around the globe. If you have given Biochemistry & Biotechnology exams, you would be familiar with the various branches of this subject, namely molecular biology, genomics, virology, and more.

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Top 6 Topics for Biotechnology Assignment

As stated below are some commonly asked topics in this area of study:

Bioinformatics - This subject is all about developing databases, which contain information related to genes and proteins. The key element in this branch of study is working with multiple formats of computer data. One area of this subject is called Comparative Genomics and it deals with DNA similarity. Unlike in the past when students wore physically taking notes and going through textbook pages, today, they can simply use an online application (like W3Schools and Coursera, or others) while preparing an assignment on comparative genomics.

Molecular Biology - This area of Biotechnology deals with the study of DNA and proteins. The scientists develop a hypothesis, collect data, and then experimental implementations take place to find out the feasibility of the proposal. In short, molecular biology involves studying the interaction between proteins and DNA.

Genomics - The word genomics is derived from two words, namely ‘genes’ and ‘genome’. We are quite familiar with genes and know that every human has about 20,000 genes. Genomics is all about studying the human genome and the genes it consists of. This field of Biotechnology uses various media to save huge amounts of DNA and RNA data. Today, one of the basic methods to store this kind of data is the use of an array. During the earlier times, physical formats like holograms were used to store this kind of data.

Proteomics - It is all about studying the functions of genes and their behaviors. Unlike genomics (as the word indicates), proteomics deals with the study of proteins. Proteomics involves studying the structure and function of proteins. While other branches of this subject focus on DNA, this field focuses on proteins.

Agrobiotechnology - This branch of Biotechnology deals with microorganisms related to air. Aerobatics is a branch of aerobic technology and it deals with the study of the bacterial realm.

Monoclonal Antibodies - Monoclonal antibodies are artificial, man-made antibodies with unlimited identities and they are very specific. These antibodies can be made in many ways, which is done after studying the negative as well as positive attributes of a virus or bacteria. So, if you need a Biotechnology Assignment Sample which will guide you to write this type of assignment, you can access it on our website.

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Chronology of Important Developments in biotechnology:

  1. Yeast used to make wine and bear before 6000 BC
  2. Large scale production of acetone, butanol and glycerol using bacteria 1912-1914
  3. Large scale production of penicillin 1944
  4. Use of monoclonal antibodies for diagnosis 1981
  5. Commercial cultivation of transgenic crops 1996

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Time to time human has work on

  1. Important of natural capabilities of microorganisms;
  2. Make to be capable of novel processes, and
  3. Discovering micro-organisms novel capabilities.

All the above goal have led to the development of Recombinant DNA Technology, which includes modification of micro-organisms and other micro-organisms for make the highly valuable, novel and naturally nonexistent capabilities. For example, the human gene producing insulin has been transferred and expressed in bacteria E. coli; the insulin produced by these genetically engineered microbe is being used in the management of diabetes. The animal, plant cells and their components are also be used to generate valuable products. Crop varieties and animal breeds with entirely new and highly useful traits can be created with the help of Recombinant DNA Technology. These examples constitute the new biotechnology.

Scope and Importance

The biotechnology may be applied in four broad areas like industrial area including health care, crop production and agriculture, non food uses of crops and other products and environmental uses. For the protection of human health, production of monoclonal antibodies, DNA and RNA probes, artificial vaccines, human interferon, and insulin etc., these are included in medical biotechnology.

Production of useful compounds like ethanol, lactic acid, glycerine, critic and acid enzymes, Single Cell Proteins (CSP) from bacteria, yeast, fungi or algae for human food and animal feed etc., these are include in industrial biotechnology.

Production of transgenic animals for increased milk, growth rate, resistance to disease, test tube babies; involves in vitro fertilization, embryo transfer etc. are included in animal biotechnology. Biotechnology assignment help aims to guide students through their academic courses and improve their grades through their assessments and research papers at affordable price.

The efficient sewage treatment, deodorization of human excreta, degradation of petroleum and management of oil spills, detoxification of wastes and industrial effluents with the help of micro-organisms and bio control plant diseases, insect pests by using viruses, bacteria, fungi, amoeba etc., these are included in environmental biotechnology.

The embryo culture, to recover haploid plants from inter-specific hybrid, clone multiplication through meristem culture, germplasm conservation through storage in liquid nitrogen, isolation of somaclonal variant with improved yield traits and gene transfer for insect resistance, protection against viruses, herbicide resistance, storage protein improvement etc., these are include in plant biotechnology.

Commercial potential:

Biotechnology has an unlimited commercial potential in the view its capability to generate unlimited range of valuable and useful product with every aspect of human existence. For example, in the mid 1991, over 130 biotechnologically derived pharmaceuticles, aimed at everything from hemophilia to AIDS, and from anaemia to leukaemia, were under to regulatory review in the United States.

The important areas for biotechnology business are as follows:

  1. Biopharmaceuticals (vaccines, therapeutics, diagnostics)
  2. Bio-agriculture (transgenic varieties, bio-fertilizers, bio pesticides)
  3. Bioinformatics
  4. Bio-industry and
  5. Bio-services (research and development, clinical trials, manufacturing on contact)
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