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BAL Assignment Help Order Now BAL (Basic Assembly Language) is a low-level language used on IBM mainframes from the earliest 360 series, through systems 370, 390 and z/Series, as well as the Univac 90/60, 90/70 and 90/80 mainframes made by Sperry Corporation. The earliest version was provided with the System/360 in 1964; the latest version is known as the IBM High Level Assembler (HLASM). Programmers utilizing this family of assemblers refer to them as ALC, for Assembly Language Coding, or simply 'assembler'.

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Features of Basic assembler language:

  • Mnemonic Operation Codes
  • Storage Addresses are referenced symbolic.
  • Automatic Storage Assignment
  • Convenient Data Representation
  • Renaming Symbols
  • Error Checking
  • Re-locatable Programs
  • Program Linking
  • Program Reassembly
  The following fragment shows how the logic "If SEX = 'M', add 1 to MALES; else, add 1 to FEMALES" would be performed in Assembler.
  CLI  SEX,'M'  Male?
  BNE IS_FEM If not, branch around
  L 7,MALES Load current value of MALES into register 7
  LA  7,1(,7) add 1 (pre-XA max value 24 bits)
  ST  7,MALES and store back the result
  B GO_ON Finished with this portion
  IS_FEM EQU * A label
  L  7,FEMALES If not male, load current value in FEMALES
  LA 7,1(,7) add 1 (pre-XA max value 24 bits)
  ST 7,FEMALES and store
  GO_ON EQU * - rest of program -
  MALES DC F'0' defines 31 bit memory location (initially=0)
  FEMALES DC F'0'""""
BAL Assignment Help