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A+ is an array programming language descendent from the programming language A, which in turn was created to replace APL in 1988.[1] Arthur Whitney developed the "A" portion of A+, while other developers at Morgan Stanley extended it, adding a graphical user interface and other language features. A+ was designed for numerically intensive applications, especially those found in financial applications. A+ runs on many Unix variants, including Linux. A+ is a high-level, interactive, interpreted language.

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Features of A+ programming language:

  • an A+ function may have up to nine formal parameters
  • A+ code statements are separated by semicolons
  • The explicit result of an operator or function is the result of the last statement executed.
  • A+ implements an object called a dependency

A+ Programming Code

  #! /usr/local/bin/a+ -q

  $mode ascii

  unique &lbrace x &rbrace:((x iota x)= iota #x)/x
  nl &lbrace x &rbrace :,"\n",@1 x

  'found these functions in /u/apter';
  btom &lbrace x &rbrace :>( max/># each x) take each x
  vtoe &lbrace y;x &rbarce:if (null= ? x) x else 1 drop each ( bag x in y) bag x := (( iota (1 take x) in y)/1 take y),x
  vtom &lbrace y; x &rbarce:btom &lbrace vtoe &lbrace x &rbrace &rbrace
  noLines &lbrace x &rbrace :vtom &lbrace"\n";(-"\n"=(-1) take x) drop x &rbrace

  a := 0 rho ''
  (n := (-1)+#_argv) do &lbrace
  a[,] := nl sys.readmat >_argv[n+1];

  if (0 ~= rho a) &lbrace
  unique noLines a

  sys.exit 0
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