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APL is named after the name of a book, "A Programming Language". APL is designed to be used on various computer systems and is both commercially and non-commercially available. APL is an interactive array-oriented language and integrated development environment that develops features for digital computing systems, including both hardware and software. It is based on mathematical notation developed by Kenneth E. Iverson and associates.

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Following features make APL a unique programming language that appeals to programmers.

1. Instead of words, it uses symbols and applies functions to entire arrays without using explicit loops. Thus making it a concise language.
2. It is solution focused and facilitates problem solving at a high level of abstraction.
3. It has just one simple, consistent and recursive precedence rule: the right argument of a function is the result of the entire expression to its right.
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Features of APL programming language:

  • Data handling: The ability to handle generalized array data without complicated programming is one of APL's strongest points.
  • Power: APL has a powerful repertoire of functions.
  • Modularity: APL lets you define own function.
  • Convenience: A very few lines of APL can do a lot of work.
  • Ease of learning: APL is easy to learn in the sense that it's easy to get started.
  • Productivity: It was intended to help people define procedures for solving problems

APL Programming Code

  @ This program is very simple in APL!

  'Hello World!'

  @ In APL, anything that is printed in quotes is printed to the terminal. (@ in APL signifies a comment)

  @ If the "Hello World statement needed to be stored, then you could use the following :
  h<-'Hello World'

  @Typing h causes h's value to be printed to be printed.
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