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Introduction of 64 Bit Computing

When we talk of the number of bits in the computer architecture while working on the same, it is about the width of the memory and the various addresses to be 64 bit that is equal to 6 octals. This kind of central processing units, as well as the arithmetic and logical units, use process to register, address busses and data busses of the size 64 bit. We can relate the same to the concept of virtual reality that a space of 64-bit virtual memory is also available. Only a few of them support the same for physical memory. Sometimes while talking of 64-bit memory, it is not necessary that the system will use all those, there can be a memory of about 48 bits in the same and the rest could be the virtual memory, used to store all the binary data. As a matter of fact, a 64-bit register has the capacity to store 2^64 different kind of values. The whole concept of the processor memory is based on the type of process register groups and they can be classified into many different types based on the different values that they hold. The history of 64-bit memory address dates back to the year 1961 when IBM created the first ever data type that could hold values up to 64 bit.

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Applications of the 64 Bit processor

There are various kinds of advantages one could make use of while working on a 64 bit computing architecture but the thing that should be kept in mind while working on the same is that the hardware and the software should be modified enough that the best advantage of such an architecture could be taken. Although it can be seen that most of the 64-bit architectures are able to run the processes designed to work in the 32-bit architecture with the help of some virtual device them lets them see those tasks as 64 bit itself. In short, we can say that, in order to achieve the maximum performance from a 64-bit computing architecture, supporting software for the same should also be of equal space, i.e 64 bit. A common misconception that people have about these computing architectures is that either of them could perform the task of the other but the 32 bit one cannot work its best with 64 bit software but same is not the case with the 64 bit one, hence we can say it is a win for the 64 bit architecture.

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Data models: there can be seen a variety of models that can be related to the architecture of the computer. In a 32 bit model, we can see that some of the data types contain the same amount of memory but this might not be the case for 64-bit architecture of the computer. It generally has different memory allowance for different kind of data types. The other kind of issue with the 64 bit computing system is that during the times when most of the software were being made, there was nothing like 64 bit or 32 bit and hence when one tries to shift from one to another, there is an issue that might not be just limited to the software updates for the same or the issue with the drivers that one might face during the installation of the same and this might result in some big problems when the software and the system are not able to synchronise properly. One major drawback for the same is that the user using a 64 bit machine will not be able to use a 16 bit software due to compatibility issues and hence the only solution left is to install a software that goes by the name of virtual machine and with the help of that, one can easily run software that is 16 bit. On a short note, there is no such problem while working with a 32-bit operating system. Most of the people who use a 32-bit computing device have a misconception that when one uses a 64-bit system with a low amount of random access memory, it is not as useful as it seems to be. This is totally wrong and there is no such evidence for the same.

Advantages of using a 64 bit computing device:

There is a problem with some devices that they limit the random access memory of the system to a mere 3 gigabytes but in the 64 bit system, there is no such problem and the heaviest of the programs run quite smoothly as compared to the 32 and the 16 bit computing systems in the industry.

In some operating systems, there is a part of memory saved and reserved as process address space that has to be reserved in the system memory for the operating system to run properly and hence most of the random access memory has to be utilised in this process and this might result in some kind of lag for the programs to run resulting in the system hanging or the delay to process the output. The other problem with this is that it is hence not able to utilize the random access memory to its full potential like if the memory is of 2 gigabytes, it is only able to use one and hence this is a total waste of money on the expensive random access memory.

It is always advised to work on a 64-bit computing system because of the fact that most of the latest developments are being done on the same and moreover because they have more general purpose registers as compared to the computing systems with different memory computing systems. We at assignmenthelp have a team of dedicated software engineers who are well accustomed to the industry measures and have years of experience in the field, if you want to get an assignment done in this area, kindly contact us on our free chat service and get a free quote for your assignment in the area of 64 bit computing systems and get it done before the deadline with complete paperwork.