50 Research Paper Topics by Academic Experts

Research Papers are the papers of the academicians, research scholars, students or people from any walk of life who present their opinion on a certain topic, analyze the perspective of the topic and argue a point. Research paper is a comprehensive subject matter which discusses about the topic in detail, talks about it benefits, characteristics, shortcomings, research methodology, referring to other people who did their work in the same category and much more. There is no limitation to Writing a research paper. The deeper the study, more knowledgeable the research paper will be. A research paper includes the knowledge and point of view other paper writer but at the same time is backed by the opinion and findings of others as well. It is just like a Lawyer preparing for case. He studies all the other case studies and presents his own point of view about his case but taking a backup or assistance of the judgements from the other cases.

There are basically 4 types of Research Papers:

  1. Academic Paper: This is published in Academic Journals. These papers are original in nature and are helpful to the students for conducting their research or taking the conclusions of this paper for their study.
  2. Position Paper: This paper shows what the author’s opinion is based on his findings and analysis.
  3. Term Paper: It is a paper written by the high school or college students.
  4. Thesis: It is a paper written for the Degree, candidature, diploma etc.

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The best way to write an impressive and knowledgeable Research Paper is:

  1. Choose a topic according to your forte and your strengths.
  2. Look for information as much as you can do. Look for online references, research papers of other authors and books.
  3. Write your own thesis i.e. research. The research must be original and relevant to the topic. The conclusions must be drawn and proper research methodology must be followed.
  4. Organize the notes and references from which the help was taken.
  5. Make a rough outline about the topics.
  6. Make the first Draft.
  7. Edit the Draft.
  8. Make the Final Draft.

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Benefits of a Research paper to the Author:

Over the past years the authors have gained a huge recognition for their excellent contribution in the formation of the research papers. The compiling of a research paper is a challenging task and has many benefits.

50 Research Paper Topics by Academic Experts

These benefits are:

  1. Publishing of a Research Article is a bonus point for getting the jobs. This assists in earning a reputation that you have a commendable knowledge about the topic and the job.
  2. A research article widens the sphere of knowledge for a person. It increases the credibility, visibility and competitive quality of the author.
  3. The publishing of a research article ensures that the author has a good knowledge about the topic.
  4. A research paper prepares the student to learn in deep about the topic.

Thus we see how writing a research article helps the people from all walks of life.

Following are some of the topics for Research Papers that might help you to know more about research papers. They can surely help you in your studies too.

Important research paper topics in Botany

  1. Proteomics and Genetics: It is about the study of proteomes that is the entire complement of proteins and Genetics i.e. the study about the genes, genetic variations and hereditary.
  2. Physiology and Biochemistry: Physiology and biochemistry deal with the living organisms where Physiology deals with the normal functioning and movement of parts of human body and Biochemistry deals with the involvement of chemistry in and around the human body.
  3. Biodiversity Conservation and Evolutionary Biology: It deals with the conservation of biodiversity in the environment and the process of evolution in the human being and the biodiversity of the concerned region.
  4. Climate change and Abiotic Stress: It talks about the changes in the climate of the reason and the effects it has and the other non-living things has on the living things of that region.

Important research paper topics in Business Economics

  1. Business Policy: This study involves planning the business processes, laying down a strategy that how business works and how its processes can be made efficient. It forms the policies and framework for the proper functioning of the business.
  2. Industry Studies: This is the study of the whole industry in which the business exists. Business is an individual and industry is a group of businesses. Thus the business is compared with respect to the industry and conclusions are drawn.
  3. Regional Economic Development: This concerns the measures to be taken for the economic development of the whole region. This does not mean specific businesses or industries. The focus is to develop the area and not the business.
  4. Environmental Economics: This relates to the study of the environment in which the business exists. This generally considers the political interference, consumers, suppliers, law etc.
  5. Foreign Trade: It focuses on planning the policies for the foreign trade to be taken out in the country. It is one of the essential parts of economics.
  6. Macro-Economic: The macro-economic takes the whole economy of the country in consideration. It studies the Employment growth, income of the economy, savings, aggregate demand etc.
  7. Policies: it is concerned with the formation of the policies of the Government like Tax Policies, Financial Planning policy, Budgets etc. These policies ensure the proper working of the Government.
  8. International Finance: The international finance includes the arrangement of finance from the foreign authorities such as International Monetary Fund, World Bank and International Finance Corporation.
  9. International Marketing: This is concerned with the marketing done in the financial market. It deals with the involvement of MNCs, Local Business and Foreign Direct Investment.

Important research paper topics in Chemistry

  1. Bioorganic chemistry: It is the chemistry that deals with the chemical composition of different parts of the human body. Thus it is a combination of Botany and chemistry.
  2. Physical Chemistry: This is the branch of chemistry that deals with the applications of physics in the Chemistry. It applies the techniques and theories of Physics to study the chemistry system.
  3. Quantum Chemistry: This is also known as Quantum Mechanics. It studies the effect of Quantum Dynamics on physics applications and Chemistry System.
  4. Spectroscopy: It is the study of the science concerned with the investigation and measurement of spectra produced when matter interacts with or emits electromagnetic radiation.
  5. Computational Chemistry: It is the branch of science that takes into consideration the Computer applicability for solving the Chemistry Problems. The Chemistry Theories are loaded into the computer which helps in solving the problems.
  6. Nanoscience: Nanoscience is concerned with the study of structures and matter on the scale of nanometers. A nanometer is a very small unit of measurement. 1nm = 1X10-9m
  7. Process development of drugs/drug intermediates: This study involves the use of chemistry for the making of drugs. It also involves the process of making intermediate drug components.

Important research paper topics in Commerce

  1. Corporate Laws: Every country has its own Corporate Laws. This field deals in studying the Laws of different Countries which formulates the policies for the functioning of the companies, laying out their framework and maintaining books of accounts.
  2. Labor Laws: Labor Laws involve the formation of policies for the management of Labor. These laws discuss and form the rules for the payment of wages to the labors, defining their basic rights, formation of trade unions and making a framework of their duties.
  3. Corporate Governance: Corporate Governance means maintaining a transparent and clear image of the company in front of the public. There should be no hiding of the material facts and forging of accounts.
  4. CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility is the involvement of the company in the social benefit of the society. CSR is a must for every company.
  5. Research Methodology: It means defining the different methods by which research can be done. There are different software’s and methods by which the research can be done. For Example: Stata, Excel, Ethnographic Profile, Descriptive Method etc.
  6. Banking & Finance: This branch of commerce deals with the working of the Banks and Financing authorities.
  7. Direct and Indirect Taxes: It means the several implications and deep analysis of the Direct and Indirect Taxes Policies.

Important research paper topics in Economics

  1. International Trade: The international trade includes several aspects of study. It contains the formation of policies in the Country for the Trading Procedure, working of MNCs, formation of FDI policies etc.
  2. Applied Econometrics: Econometrics is a combination of the Math, Statistics and Computer Science to study the applications of Economics.
  3. Applied Micro: It is the study of Microeconomics and its applicability in practical life. It discusses about the various models of Microeconomics and how they can be applied in the betterment of an individual business.
  4. Growth and Development: It is concerned with the Growth of an economy and at the same time looking forward to its development. Growth means the upliftment in terms of money whereas Development is not just concerned with money but overall upliftment.
  5. IPRs and Technology Transfer: IPR means the Intellectual Property Rights I.e. Trademark and Patents. When this is studied with the technology transfer, it becomes a crucial topic of discussion.

Important research paper topics in Operational Management

  1. Inventory Management: The Inventory management is a vital part of the operations of an institution. The inventory needs to be maintained and managed properly. It contains how much inventory is needed in business, when it should be ordered, how much the inventory should be maintained at all times and much more.
  2. Supply Chain Management: It involves the proper management of supply functions. It is the study of the material, information and finances when the goods move from factory to wholesaler then to retailer and finally to consumers.
  3. Financial Management: The financial management deals with the working of the finance sector in the business. It means how the business finance is to be arranged, how it is to be utilized, when it is to be utilized, where it is to be utilized. This is one of the most vital parts of the business.

Important research paper topics in Financial Studies

  1. Quantitative Finance: The quantitative finance deals with the mathematical applicability on the study of the finance. It drives the relations on how much the finance is needed and how much of it should be allocated in which project to earn maximum profit.
  2. Investment Management and Fuzzy Decision Making: The investment decision deals with the making of decision of investing in the long term assets. These involve huge amounts and thus deep analysis is made before investing. Thus investment decision can be studied with the theory of fuzzy decision making i.e. hard decision making theory.
  3. Strategic Management of Information Systems: The information systems are a very important part. They should be planned and managed strategically in a business.
  4. Capital markets: It is the market which talks about the dealing in shares, bonds, debentures and other securities.
  5. Corporate Reporting: It is the Reporting of financial information and useful information by the companies in a particular way. The companies are supposed to report in the particular format always.

Important research paper topics in Law

  1. Victimology: It is the study of the victims and their experience about the sufferings they went through.
  2. Criminal Law: It is the study about the criminal offences and their punishment.
  3. Women prisoners: It is the study about the lives of women residing in the prisons, their experiences and sufferings.
  4. Jurisprudence: Jurisprudence is the study and theory of Law. It is the study to widen the knowledge of the pursuant.
  5. Gender and the Law: It talks about the application of law to different genders and their effect and consequences.

Important research paper topics in Statistics

  1. Sequential Analysis: Sequential analysis is the statistical analysis of the data where the sample data has not been fixed before. It is analyzed as the data comes. Sometimes the result may be achieved much more before the completion of the analysis of the whole data.
  2. Time Series: This is the statistical model by which the variations of the data can be studied over a period of time. This basically takes into consideration the time constraint.
  3. Reliability Models: This measures the overall consistency of the data. The data is presented with the relative Reliability coefficients which provide the information about how reliable the model is?

More Research Paper topics by our Experts

Physics Research Paper topics

  1. Condensed matter physics
  2. Material Science
  3. Complex systems computational physics
  4. Non-linear dynamics

English Research Paper topics

  1. Renaissance studies
  2. Gender studies
  3. Visual culture

Mathematics Research Paper topics

  1. Analysis
  2. Coding Theory
  3. Algebraic Topology
  4. Numerical Methods in differential equations
  5. Linear Programming
  6. Ring Theory

Environmental Studies Research Paper topics

  1. Plant Diversity
  2. Bioacoustics
  3. Behavioral and community ecology of Invertebrates
  4. Tropical forests and biodiversity conservation

Sociology Research Paper topics

  1. Narrative Theory
  2. Phenomenology and Everyday Life
  3. Bureaucratic Institutions
  4. Sociology of Emotion Development Studies
  5. Tribal Studies

Psychology Research Paper topics

  1. Research related to Dyslexia
  2. Mental retardation
  3. Hypertension
  4. Depression
  5. Drug abuse
  6. Ageing

Political Science Research Paper topics

  1. International Relations
  2. Identity Politics and Political Violence
  3. Democracy
  4. Development and Peace

Home Science Research Paper topics

  1. Food and Nutrition
  2. Human development and childhood studies
  3. Development and communication extension
  4. Resource management and design application
  5. Dietetics and public health nutrition

Electronic Science Research Paper topics

  1. Semiconductor and Nano Material
  2. Solid state Devices
  3. Opto-Electronics
  4. Photovoltaics
  5. Fibre/Integarted Optics
  6. Optical Electronics
  7. Microwave Photonics

Computer Science Research Paper topics

  1. Computer Networks
  2. Data Mining
  3. Computational Intelligence
  4. Information Hiding
  5. Coding Theory
  6. Intelligent Data Analysis

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