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4DOS Assignment Help Order Now 4DOS is a command line interpreter by JP Software, designed to replace the default command interpreter COMMAND.COM in DOS and Windows 95/98/Me. The 4DOS family of programs are meant to replace the default command processor. 4OS2 and 4NT replace CMD.EXE in OS/2 and Windows NT respectively. 4DOS was written by Rex Conn and Tom Rawson; it was first released in 1989.

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Features of 4DOS programming language:

4DOS Assignment Help
  • Additional commands
  • Support for command aliases, also in scripts
  • Enhanced wildcards and the ability to filter date, file sizes and time stamps
  • Context-specific online help
  • Coloured directory listings
  • variable functions and Internal variables
  • A mechanism for creating, maintaining and displaying file descriptions
  • Configuration stored in an INI file
  • Support for the Windows clipboard
  • Support for starting OS/2 programs
  //print hello world in 4DOS
  @echo off
  :: "Hello, World!" program using 4DOS
  do forever
  echo Hello, World!
4DOS Assignment Help