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Meeting Marketing Resistance Assignment Help

Over the years, Marketing has become a vital part of carrying out the business. It is the marketing that has widened the dimensions of the business and helped in expanding it. But over the years the consumers have developed a marketing resistance too i.e. opposing of the marketing. There are many consumers who do not like marketing techniques or marketing in whole. Hence as a result Marketing Productivity is down and Marketing Resistance is up these days.

To enhance business growth proper strategies are required. Selling of the business product is a very vital factor. Thus the marketing is done at every possible level to enhance the business sales. Innovation plays an important role in this. The higher the innovation in the product of the business and the marketing, the higher will be the sales. So as to foster the growth the marketing is done at a large basis.

There was a time when the public had to face 300-500 ads per day. But now it has accounted to around 3000-5000 per day. This is the reason that the people are growing resistant to the marketing strategies and innovations adopted by the businesses.

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The basic reasons for this resistance are:

reasons for resistance

1. Functional Barriers can be further classified as:

Functional Barriers

The functional barriers are related to the physical barriers that hinder the process of marketing and innovation.

1. Usage Barrier: The usage barrier means that the consumers find it difficult to cope up or manage with the new products coming in the market. They do not find themselves compatible with the changes in the market and stick to their old using pattern of products. This restrictive usage poses a great functional barrier on the innovation.

2. Value Barrier: The value of the marketed product or the innovated product is a barrier as the consumers look for some product that can fit their budget and instead lower the cost as much as possible. Thus it is a big challenge for the businesses to value the product at such a price that can compete the market and attract the consumers.

3. Risk Barrier: The risk barrier is posed among the consumers when they shift from one product to another. Consumers tend to buy products assuring safety and health to the consumers. They always need to check the product and their reviews. That is why whenever an innovative product comes into the marketing its sale is affected by the risk it carries.

2. Psychological Barrier:

Psychological Barrier

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1. Norms of Consumers: Sometimes the consumers have norms of buying certain products and stick to those ones only. They do not rely on the quality of other products and stick to the main product. Thus this makes them resistant to marketing.

2. Perceived image of product: Generally, the image of the product is taken into consideration by the consumers before buying it. If the associate companies in the production of the product are not of consumer's preference, then they might not go for it.

3. Traditions: Many a times the innovative products in the market take the consumers away from their general tradition practices. They are supposed to give up the traditional and cultural practices to use that product. This also initiates a sense of resistance among the consumers.

How to overcome Resistance?

Thus it is necessary to overcome for the smooth running of the business. Proper measures need to be taken in order to expand the business and its smooth running.

The steps to be taken to overcome the resistance are:

1. Ripping Risk Barriers: The best way to mitigate the resistance is to rip off the barriers that hinder most of the consumers from adopting to the innovations. The quality should be maintained and the customers must be made aware of the same. The businesses may tie up with big brands who will agree to sell the business's products under their brand name. This will help in winning the belief of the consumers and will help in winning the goals of innovation.

2. Thwarting Traditional Barriers: Thwarting means stopping. Thus the traditional barriers need to be stopped because they act as a major wall for the accomplishment of goals. The products should be manufactured with taking into consideration the traditional and cultural sentiments of the consumers. They should be designed in a way that it promotes the culture of consumers will prompt them to buy the product.

3. Improving the image: The image matters a lot in the increase of selling capacity. If the product is perceived with a good image in the society it will be in good selling condition. Thus for mitigating this hindrance the customers must be made aware of the product and they should be acknowledged about the mythical stereotypes and their beliefs.

4. Improved quality and convenient pricing: The image so designed must be of good quality. A better quality attracts more consumers to buy the product. The product must be priced conveniently so that people find it comfortable to buy such products.

Thus we see how important it is to make policies which help in proper designing of the product and how important is market positioning of the product.

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