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What do you mean by an exchange rate?

Exchange rate is basically the rate at which the price of one currency is proportional in terms of another. In simpler words, the exchange rate is the main purchasing power of one particular currency in respect to the other currency. This currency which is being compared in the exchange rate is traded in the exclusive foreign exchange markets and stock exchanges. The total volume or amount of money which is being transferred or bought and sold is very high in this type of exchange. An estimate daily foreign exchange market’s usual turnover is over $3 trillion, which makes it one of the most professionalized fields of work. Exchange rates are o ever important tool or instrument for the betterment of the policies which concerns the monetary growth. This implies that the total number of growing countries are continuously intervening in between the currency market places as a whole part of the concerned economic strategies.

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What is the significance of the exchange rate?

The national currency’s exclusive quotation is expressed by the exchange rate with the respect to the foreign ones. The exchange rate signifies a conversion factor which is nothing but a multiplier of ratio but it depends on the particular direction of a simple conversion. Sometimes, the price is also called as the exchange rate. It is called as the price but with a slightly different perspective as to the ration factors. It is stated that if the exchange rate is highly dynamic and can move very freely, then the exchange rate will automatically turn out to better and really faster with the price of the economy. As a result, it will bring out all the foreign goods together in one. A good example of exchange rate is: Let’s take it as one US Dollar is equal to 10,000 Indian rupees, then the exchange rate will be 10,000 rupees to one US Dollar. So, if a product or a service costs 50,000 rupees then the conversion of it in US Dollar will be 5 US Dollars. It is automatically converted as a matter of accounting. Higher the number, higher the conversion factor and ratio.

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What are the different exchange rate measurements?

There are some tools of operation which can be used in measuring the exchange rate, these are:

1. Spot Exchange rate

The spot exchange rate is basically the rate for a specified and elaborated currency which stands at today’s market prices. In simpler words, it is the price which is relatively same with the exchange of one currency for the other currency. It is an immediate delivery of exchanges. The pot exchange rates mainly represents the prices, which the buyers offer in one particular currency for a purchasing process in a different currency. Also the spot exchange rate is mainly for the purpose of the delivery within the earliest notice value date. It affiliates the standard settlement date for the purpose and study of most of the spot currency transactions which are made within the period of two business days after the actual transaction date.

2. Forward Exchange rate

The forward exchange rate is the rate, as the name suggests involves the ongoing process of delivering the prominent currency at a much specified period of time in an estimated future at an agreed rate. The companies which are desperate to cover for these rates tend to reap the future benefits for a longer run. Companies which wants to reduce the risks ranging from the exchange rate volatility can buy the desired currency charge to the forward place the desired as well as the target market. The forward exchange rate is an important rate which is applicable with the financial transactions which are going to take place in the near future. Hence, high future predictability is needed. The spot rates are the main originators of the spot rates. These spot rates are adjusted for the convenience of forward exchange rate for the cost of carry and also the referral to the rate which will be used further to deliver the desired currency charge or even a bond. The forward exchange rate also refers to the rate which is fixed for a specific future time period for a future financial obligation which it holds, such as the interest rate to be paid on the loan payment.

3. Real Exchange rate

This is the most basic and most used exchange rate tool used. The real exchange rate comprises of the rate of the domestic price which is indices between two different counties at a specific period of time. The state of increase in the real exchange rate implies that the competitiveness of the particular country is getting bad by rate by rate. Real exchange rates are basically the nominal exchange rates which are corrected by the appropriate inflation measures which are being taken in consideration. It is in the simpler terms the weighted average rate of a particular country’s currency value which is relative to the index or the basket of the other currencies which is rightly adjusted for the sublime effects of inflation and deflation. This weighted average exchange rate is determined by firstly comparing the relative trade code balance of the currency of the country against the currencies of other countries within the specified index. The following exchange rate is mainly used for determination of a single particular country’s currency value which is seen as relative with the other prominent currencies featured in the index. It includes the Japanese Yen, Euro and US Dollar.

What do you mean by Business cycle behavior?

The business cycle refers to a situation, when too many element effecting the exchange rate work are working for the purpose of exhibiting the clearly defined cycle behavior of business. It is stretched to the very extent when the exchange rate is fully determined by the off-going trade balance which is occurring in the target market. The exchange rate is actually counter-cyclical which as same as the latter. At the very peak of the upgrade, the trade deficit automatically would lower down the exchange rate which will result in the depreciation of the exchange rate. And as a consequence, if the autonomous dynamics in the foreign exchange in the market are being compiled as the main factors of the exchange rate, then the rational rates will intense the usual micro-fluctuations and as a result the long term tides would ride the irreversible exchange rate which will result possibly with the help of the central bank’s timely interventions.

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