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Introduction: Buying Behavior of Consumer

In consumer purchase decision-making process have three stages; awareness, trial, and repeat buying. It is perhaps more accurate to describe this process as being typical of most consumer purchases. For industrial purchases, the buying process can be more complex and involve more stages. The need for the purchase invariably starts from within the buyer’s organization as some kind of problem or need. The remaining ‘buy stages’ gradually unfold, sometimes over a period of weeks or even months. This process is clearly very different from walking into a shop and saying, ‘I’ll have one of those, please’, paying, and walking out. What makes the industrial purchase decision more complex is the fact that there is rarely just one person involved. Because of the technological, production, financial, safety and quality ramifications of buying a new piece of plant or machinery, for example, a number of people have to be satisfied that the correct buying decision is being made.

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