Math subjective test 2

Provide solution to the following questions:

  1. Evaluate the following: ∫xsin3xdx

This question requires integration by parts

Let u=x and dv/dx =sin (3x)

du=x dx=1


Math subjective test 2 Image 1 Math subjective test 2 Image 2
  1. The line y = mx + 1 is a tangent to the curve y2= 4x .Find the value of m.

Substitute y=mx+1 in =4x

= 4x

Expanding = 4x



The tangent touches the curve at one point hence the roots are equal. Therefore, discriminant =0

-4((1) = 0





  1. Solve the following differentialequation:(x2y2) dx + 2 xy dy = 0.

Te integrating factor of the equation is

Math subjective test 2 Image 3
  1. Solve system of linear equations, using matrix method.

xy +2z =7
3x +4y −5z =−5
2x y + 3z = 12

Math subjective test 2 Image 4




Z= 3


Chirgwin, B., & Plumpton, C. (2016). A Assignment of mathematics for engineers and scientists. Elkins Park: Pergamon Press/Elsevier Science.

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