Best UK Universities

STUDY in UK: Best Colleges and Universities in United Kingdom

It is the desire of every student to get an opportunity to learn at the best universities of their country. Be it for any field, but the best colleges are always in the minds of students, and parents too. Each year, new students look up and think hard about the universities, where to seek higher education, which one will be the best for them and so on.

Best UK Universities

Marking a university as the best one is not an easy task. There are various parameters to judge a college as an excellent or an ordinary one. Here is a roundup of the top ten colleges of the United Kingdom. Knowing a brief detail about the best ones will help you take good decisions for your career1.

1. University of Oxford

One of the oldest and the most prestigious universities of the world, the University of Oxford attract students from all over the world. 44 colleges come under the Oxford University. The entry standards are set really high, where one needs to be a master of his subjects to crack it down. The tough selection process is reflected by the fact that only 3200 students could get an admission out of 18000 applications for undergraduate Assignments and 5200 got a place for post graduation out of 24000 in the year 2015.

The university offers various joint honor programs which combine two subjects at the undergraduate level, summing up to 250 degree combinations. The college proudly boasts of over 100 libraries, out of which the most famous one is the Bodleian, which was set up in 1602. Also, a number of museums are also present, such as Museum of National History, Museum of the history of science etc.

Till date, more than 30 world leaders, 26 British prime ministers, 120 Olympic medalists and 26 Nobel Prize winners have gained their education at the Oxford University. Some of the most prominent names are Stephan Hawkins, J.R.R. Tolkien, John Locke, Hugh Grant, David Cameron, Bill Clinton, Manmohan Singh, Aung San Suu Kyi, etc.

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2. Cambridge university

Another prestigious name in the world of education, Cambridge University has its special reputation for excellence in mathematics. Some of the most famous British scientists have earned their degree from Cambridge. The undergraduates are taught in lectures and supervisions. The terms are shorter as compared to other universities in UK.

Here too, admission process is a real tough one. Merely twenty five percent of the total applicants get selected and are enrolled for the degree programs. Some of the most reknown personalities who received their education at Cambridge are William Wordsworth, Charles Darwin, Prince Charles, John Maynard Keynes, Alfred Marshall, Charles Babbage, Alan Turing, Sigmund Freund, Issac Newton, GH Hardy amongst many more highly distinguished alumni of Cambridge.

3. Imperial College London

The college is ranked amongst the top universities of the world for science, technology, medicine and engineering. It was started in 1907. Students from over 125 nationalities are a part of the college.

To add to its list, Imperial College not only produces some of the best scientists, it also produces excellent field medalists, Nobel Prize winners, government advisers and policymakers. Reknown names such as H.G Wells, Sir Liam Donaldson etc have received their education at the imperial college.

4. University College London

It was the first university in England to accept students irrespective of class, religion or race. It was also the first university to provide education to women equal to men, following the educational philosophy of Jeremy Bentham, the ‘spiritual’ founder of the university. It is a multi-disciplinary institute, which provides a degree in a wide variety of subjects. Some of the most famous people in the world’s history such as Mahatma Gandhi, Alexander Graham bell, Coldplay’s Chris martin are some notable names who have done their graduation at university college London.

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5. London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

The university is particularly known for law, economics, politics and philosophy. Approximately 26 percent of Nobel Prize winners for economics were from LSE. Like other major universities of UK, LSE too has a highly challenging entry process. In 2014, the university received 17,000 applications, out of which only 1500 were selected. Prominent historic figures such as Nelson Mandela and George Soros have given public lectures at the university, as a part of the university’s prestigious lecture series.

6. King’s College London

One of the largest and the oldest universities of London, King’s college has a good reputation for humanities, law and science. It is quite a popular choice for students from various parts of the world. Being the most central university of London, it has five London campuses. Famous names such as Tom Huddleston, John Deacon, Michael Collins etc have received their education at this university.

7. Queen Mary University of London

The university offers quality education and research for a wide variety of subjects, such as medicine and dentistry. In 2015, it announced its plans to launch a free business advice scheme for the start ups in United Kingdom in the financial and technological industries, now available as qLegal scheme. Some of the prominent alumni of the university are Kate Williams, Jay Sean, Charles Alfred Taylor etc.

8. Royal Holloway, University of London

It is a reknown global university which holds its strength in arts and humanities. It boasts of one of the most beautiful and historic campuses in united kingdom. The campus is actually located in the nearby town Egham, which is an hour away from central London. A global university with students studying there from all over the world, it has a record of famous alumni such as George Eliot, Bonita Norris etc.

9. School of Oriental and African studies (SOAS), University of London

The college lays its focus on languages, cultures and societies of Asia, Africa and the Middle East. It is the only European institution specialized for such a cause. More than half of the students are from outside the UK. It is known for its attractive landscapes and an excellent collection of academic resources. Some of the people well known who studied there are Catherine West, Ivan Stanbrook, etc.

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10. Birkbeck, University of London

The college is ranked amongst the top institutions of the world. Being the only college of London which allows students to complete full length degrees during evening Assignments, thus making it a popular choice among students who wish to seek part time study hours. A wide variety of undergraduate and post graduate Assignments are provided here. Some of the notable alumni of the college include Bear Grylls, Ramsay McDonald(first labour Prime Minister of UK), T.S. Elliot(Nobel prize winner in literature), Sidney Webb, 1st Barron Passfield amongst others.

Apart from these historic and notable colleges of UK there are many more prestigious institutions such as The University of Edinburgh, The University of Manchester, The University of Bristol, The University of Warwick, The University of Glasgow, Lancaster University, Cardiff University, University of Sussex, University of Bradford, and many more that attract attention from thousands of students around the globe.

When you are sure about what field you wish to choose, half the battle is won. And when you get to know about the best colleges that can polish you up as a diamond, you have no more worries left. Before setting down for the right college for you, go through all its programs, details and rules and then decide what is convenient for you. Education becomes much more interesting and will surely take your forward, when you study at the right place.

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1The colleges are randomly listed, and not on the basis of ranking.

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