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UnrealScript Programming Language

UnrealScript also known as UScript is a programming language used in the gaming. UScript have a many powerful build-in feature for the game development. UnrealScript Programming language provide the features like serialization and networking to the gaming environment. The most of the games run on the network for 2 players game unrealscript provides the build-in features for the development of games. The one of the most powerful feature of the unrealScript is the buil-in concept of states. Classes can define multiple states, with functions scoped to these states. UnrealScript programming language have its own development environment which allow to create huge variety of custom 3D applications and games.

UnrealScript Programming Code Example

class HelloWorld extends GameInfo;
event InitGame( string Options, out string Error )
    `log( "Hello, world!" );

UnrealScript Programming language


Design goals of UnrealScripting Language

  • It provides the feature of the time, state, properties, and networking.
  • It provide Java-style programming simplicity, object-orientation, and compile-time error checking
  • It enables enable rich, high level programming in terms of game objects and interactions rather than bits and pixels