Programming Help for SPIN Programming Language

Introduction to SPIN Programming Language

The SPIN Programming Language is a high Level programming Language and Interpreted Language. It is look like a mix of BASIC and Python. It is commonly used because of two reason it is to use easy and there's a spin interpreter on the Prop.

The blocks in which the codes of Spin Language are organized in blocks:

  • VAR Holds global variables
  • CON Holds program constants
  • PUB & PRI Hold code
  • OBJ Links to other objects

Example of SPIN Programming Language

proctype A(chan q1)
        {       chan q2;

        proctype B(chan qforb)
        {       int x;
                printf("x = %d\n", x)

        init {
                chan qname = [1] of { chan };
                chan qforb = [1] of { int };
                run A(qname);
                run B(qforb);

The output of the program is 123

How to learn SPIN Programming Language

Videos for learning Pascal Programming Language:

Download SPINC from Here !!