Programming Help for Afnix Programming

Introduction to Afnix Programming Language

Afnix Programming Language is a functional programming Language and it is multi-thread fuctional writting system. It is binded with dynamic symbols and supports the Object Oriented paradigm. Afnix is featured with art runtimes engine which support the 32 bit and 64 bit platform And it can be used on any platform so it is portable.

Example of Afnix Programming Language

In the Interpreter prompt,there is a form wth object Println. then the argument which is string is placed between double quotes, And save the file as filename.ash example hey.ash:

 axi hey.als
Hey how r u

So,when the form is successfuly constructed then it is executed,then the session is termineted by typing ctrl-d or another way is is to call the compiler client called axc, then it involve the interpreter with the compled file and it is executed:

axc hey.als
zsh> axi hey.axc
Hey how r u
zsh> axi hey
Hey how r u


How to learn Afnix Programming

Good programming tutorial on Afnix Language can be access using following Books:

  • AFNIX Writing System: Writer Reference
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