Processing Programming Language

Processing is a build to teach the fundamentals of computer programming. Processing is adopt by thousands of students and it helps the students to make the sketchbook of the computer programs. Processing is an open source programming language and integrated development environment which helps for the electronics art. It allows the video playback and capture. It enables the other programming systems to be used within the development environment.

Processing is a programming language which is inspired from the languages like BASIC and LOGO. Processing programming language is use in the education to teach the students programming. Processing is used in many projects worldwide for developing their system. Processing is used by the thousands of visual designers, artists and architectures for their works.

Features of processing language:

  • It is an open source and free to download
  • It has over 100 of libraries
  • It has many sources for learning
  • Interactive programs
  • For GNU/Linux, Mac OS X and window

Processing Interface

processing screen shot

Processing Tutorials