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    1. Give guidance on how to manage things
    2. Share the work as per the qualification, knowledge, responsibility and authority.
    3. With having good skills develop some good listening skills as well.

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    1. Every work has a deadline: –

    Every work in every organization comes with a deadline so it is important to manage the time accordingly that the allotted work should be completed on or before the deadline. And skills of time management help an individual a lot to complete the task before or on the deadline.

    2. Time management makes employees effective: –

    Time management makes employees work in a better and sorted manner that results in a developed skill of effectiveness in them.

    3. Time management promotes organized behavior in an employee: –

    Time management teaches employees to be organized as this is one of the golden keys of the door that leads you towards a successful career.

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    1. Organized
    2. Know the priorities
    3. Punctuality and discipline
    4. The feeling of empathy with work
    5. Diplomatic
    6. Focus
    7. Make achievable plans

    1. Organized: –

    • A person should plan all his/her task a day before.
    • An employee is expected to keep his/her desk or work station clean.
    • Important files should be kept organized so they can be found easily when they are required and a person doesn’t need to waste time in finding them.
    • Important documents should be kept stapled always.
    • Do not stack whatever is not required.

    2. Know the priorities: –

    • Set priorities before starting.
    • Work according to the way it was planned.
    • Work with uppermost priority should be done first.
    • Marked the completed work as done for a sense of satisfaction.
    • Roles and responsibilities should be clear in mind.

    3. Punctuality and Discipline: –

    • Try to come 5 minutes before your actual reporting time.
    • Try to complete as soon as you can, do not delay it for later.
    • The skill of punctuality helps a person in achieving the targets before the deadline.

    4. The feeling of empathy with work: –

    • One should work with the intention not just because of the orders given by the boss.
    • It’s ok to accept your mistakes and say sorry, it helps a person to learn more.
    • Be responsible for the work done by you.

    5. Diplomatic: –

    • A polite NO is not a crime in the workplace. A person should learn to say no to the work that doesn’t belong to him/her.
    • A person should be given work as per their interest, qualification, responsibility and authority to take out best from them.

    6. Focus: –

    • A person is expected to be more focused on the task allotted to him/her.
    • Avoid getting engaged in long personal calls.

    7. Make achievable plans: –

    • A sole individual should not be burdened with all the work.
    • Plans that superior makes for subordinated should be according to the qualification, authority and responsibility allotted to him/her.

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    1. Punctuality and discipline are the two skills that develop with the help of Time Management: –

    A person should make a pre-plan or TO DO LIST before starting a work as it provides the employee with the right direction and thus doesn’t let him/her waste time as he already knows what he has to do and how now the person will invest the time on making the work more better and will manage to complete it on time.

    2. Time management makes a person more organized: –

    Keeping yourself and things organized is a part of Time Management. When things are organized or kept on the right place, a person is not required to waste time in finding them when they are needed thus make a person give better productivity and motivates him/her to be more organized.

    3. Person’s morale and confidence get a boost through proper time management: –

    With the help of time management, a person manages to complete the work on time which makes the person quite popular in the organization and also let him get so many compliments which result in high confidence and morale.

    4. Employees that work according to time plan are the one who achieves their goals and objectives early comparatively: –

    Proper time management enables the employees to get their work done on time as they work according to what they planned and thus get better and early results as compare to others who don’t choose to make plans and worked randomly.

    5. Time management helps a person to predict the outcome: –

    As when the individual makes a plan, they are already aware of all the possible outcomes so they easily predict the final outcome.

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    1. Planning
    2. Deciding the goals and the objective
    3. Looking for the deadlines
    4. Delegation of authority and responsibility
    5. Labelling tasks as per the priorities
    6. Allocating the time as per the priority

    1. Planning: –

    A smart human always makes a plan before doing anything and work accordingly and somehow, he manages to be better than any other human that works randomly.
    A plan always helps the one to work better as he/she is already aware that tasks are to be performed and against what time. The work with uppermost submission time should be done first. One should not start any fresh or new work before completing the last one. Work which is done should be marked as completed and focused on the yet to do tasks. This makes work easy and less hectic.

    2. Deciding the goals and objectives: –

    Working without any end result is wastage of efforts and time. One should set the targets first and targets should be realistic and achievable in allocated time before proceeding with the work.

    3. Looking for the deadlines: –

    Do not wait for the deadlines to come and pressurize you, make your own deadline for the tasks. Analyze the work and set the time when it should be done and complete it in the planned slot of time.

    4. Delegation of authority and responsibility: –

    It’s ok to say ‘NO’ at the workplace, in fact, one should learn to say no. Sometimes it’s the demand of the circumstances. A person should not do everything at its own. An employee at the workplace should not accept the work about which he/she is unaware of or don’t have any knowledge or which is difficult for him/her. The distribution of jobs, responsibilities and authority should have a balance in them. A person should be given an according to his/her job and responsibility he/she has and should have equal authority to do that work otherwise the outcome would be of no use.

    5. Labelling task as per the priorities: –

    Prioritizing the planned tasks is another very important tool of time management. One should know the difference between important and urgent work and prioritize the task accordingly.

    6. Allocating the time as per priority: –

    One should learn how to distribute the limited hours of work into various activities. Allocating time to the different tasks depends on the priority of work. Task done at a wrong time is of no use, so one should know how and when for every task.

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    Managing time effectively and efficiently in an order that every right activity gets the required time. It allows an individual to complete each and every activity as per their importance.

    Time management allows an individual to make the best use of its limited hours.

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    Ans. Time management is the process in which the planning is done in order to spend the time consciously on the different activities that are taking place in the organization. The management of time helps in increasing the effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity of the business. Time management is done by the organization as time is a very crucial resource which cannot be wasted and in order to use it optimally, activities are planned well in advance by the organization so as to utilize every second effectively and efficiently. When all the activities are planned according to the time it helps the managers to accomplish more tasks in less time and by doing very fewer efforts. Time management also helps in reducing the level of stress as when all the activities are well-planned the tasks are accomplished properly within the given timeframe which reduces the pressure on the employees. By adopting time management employees get some time to relax out of their busy schedule which makes them feel rejuvenated and enables them to focus more on their work and as a result efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity of the employees also increases with the increase in the productivity of the organization as a whole and growth of the organization can be fostered very easily.

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    Ans. Search engine marketing also popular as search marketing is a type of internet marketing in which the marketing of the website is done by the brand by increasing its visibility on the search engine result pages (SERP) on different search engines through advertisements that are in the paid form. This type of marketing helps in attracting more customers which increases the online traffic that can be organic or paid. Keywords play a very crucial as well as an important role in the search engine marketing. Keywords are the terms that are used by the users to find the content or information on a search engine. The keywords are the very essential component of search engine marketing and the brand must decide the keyword of the website very cautiously. The keywords can be made using different tools available online like keyword planner which suggests the term which is most often used by the user in order to find out the particular thing over the internet. The other important element of search engine marketing is ad copies. These are the ads that are displayed on a different search engine and have relevant information about the brand. If the user likes the ad then he or she may click the ad and he will be directed to the landing page of the website where he can be converted into customers with the help of content that is available on the page and also product offerings are made to him or her in order to persuade them to make the buying decision. It is very important for the brand to attract the customer towards the brand through ad copies.

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    Ans. Product marketing is a process in which the different strategies are adopted by the marketers to launch the product into the market. Marketers try to understand the needs and requirements of the target audience in the market. This helps in launching the product effectively and efficiently into the market. The primary objective of this type of marketing is to understand the needs of the customers and the market very well. The product marketing manager plays a very important as well as a crucial role in the process of product marketing. He is responsible for the branding of the product which makes the product differentiated from the other products that are available in the market. The product needs to be packaged properly in order to make sure that it is safe while transportation. While marketing the product the characteristics or features of the product must be discussed with the customers so that they can understand the need and benefits of the product to them. Price of the product must also be determined keeping in mind the target audience. There are different strategies that are adopted by the product marketing manager in order to decide the price of the product. Different strategies can be price skimming and price penetration.

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    Ans. Mobile marketing is a multi-channel strategy which is focused on reaching the target audience on their mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, and other such devices through emails, websites, SMS, MMS, etc. This type of marketing is very effective in today’s world as a large number of people access the internet through their mobile phones instead of laptops or computers. Customers nowadays want services that are very quick in nature and can be accessed anywhere, anytime, 24×7. The marketers can benefit a lot form this type of marketing as mobile becomes a very crucial and important part of the lives of people and it cannot be detached so doing this type of marketing can attract a greater number of customers. People whether shopping through e-commerce websites like Flipkart, Amazon, etc. or going to the physical stores to make their purchases use mobile or smartphones to make their decisions. For searching the store locations in the nearby areas people use mobile phones. The customers are notified for discounts and offer that are going on with the brand through emails and SMS marketing. In order to do mobile marketing, businesses develop mobile applications or mobile-friendly apps for their brand which can be used by the customers to make their purchases. These apps are very handy and are very easy to use by the customers.

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