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    Different types of Sensors are as follows:-

    • Temperature Sensor
    • IR Sensor (Infrared Sensor)
    • Color Sensor
    • Humidity Sensor
    • Pressure Sensor
    • Light Sensor
    • Ultrasonic Sensor
    • Smoke, Gas and Alcohol Sensor
    • Touch Sensor
    • Proximity Sensor
    • Accelerometer
    • Tilt Sensor
    • Flow and Level Sensor

    Classifications of Sensors are as follows:-

    • Primary Input quantity (Measurand)
    • Material and Technology Property
    • Transduction principles (Using physical and chemical effects)
    • Application
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    Sensors are sophisticated devices that detects and responds to some type of input from the physical environment. The output is generally signals which converts human readable display.
    It is also defined as a device which converts one energy domain to electrical domain.
    Applications of Sensors are as follows:-

    1. It is used in industries for radiation of light.
    2. Sensors also used in medicals equipment, aircraft, consumers electronics devices etc.
    3. Sensors used in accelerometers for monitoring of patient.
    4. Sensors used in video games and radiations.
    5. Sensors used in testing of foods, medical care devices by the help of electromechanical technology
    6. .

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    Pattern Recognition is branch of machine language that emphasis on row data and regularities of data. Pattern Recognition is the assignment of label to a given desired input data. It is the learning that how to recognise the desired environment.

    Importance of Pattern Recognition are as follows :-

    1. Pattern recognition has extensive application in medicine, robotics,remote sensing by satellites and astronomy.
    2. By the help of pattern recognition we can read the text. It plays vital role in our daily life.
    3. It is central to OCR(optical character Recognition), Handwritting Recognition, Voice recognition etc.
    4. Pattern Recognition recognise in visual and sound field.
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    PIC Microcontroller are small in size and performed more tasks. It is ideal for school and industrial purpose. PIC Microcontroller are made by microchip Technology.In earlier it’s named as “Peripheral Interfacing Controllers”. PIC has very low cost so it is famous in industrial purpose also. PIC Microcontroller are available in large amount because it has large users. It has low cost or free development tools, and serial programming ability. Data space mapped CPU, peripheral registers, and port.
    PIC Microcontrollers are found in many electronic devices such as phones, systems, alarm systems, embedded systems and computer control.The main features of PIC Microcontrollers are memory, Timers/Counters, EEPROM,RAM, flash I/O Ports, USART etc.

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    Advantages of Microcontroller are as follows:-

    • It is special types of processor which is somewhat flexible so program will run fastly.
    • It has fast speed because Integrated inside processor.
    • It is very chip in manufacture.
    • It takes small time for perform tasks.
    • It is easy to use and maintain.
    • Same time it will perform task so human effect saved much more.
    • It is easy to interface RAM,ROM.

    Disadvantges of Microcontroller are as follows:-

    • It has more more complex architecture.
    • It takes more time in development so cost increases.
    • It can’t interface high power devices.
    • It is used in Micro equipment mostly.
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    The following are the Applications are as follows :-

      Energy Management: It is used to measure the energy consumption in domestic applications.
      Touch screens: Microcontroller gives touch screen sensing.
      Automobiles: The microcontroller discovers broad recognition in supply automobile solutions.
      Medical Devices: Glucose & blood pressure monitors bring into play micro-controllers, to put on view the measurements, as a result, offering higher dependability in giving correct medical results.
      Mobile Communication :- Microcontroller are used in Mobile communication to receive Data.
      Defence Application :-Microcontroller are used in defence application for security purpose.
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    Microcontroller are fabricated on single integrated chip. It will control other devices. In TV remote input is given to TV screen and TV screen gives output when signals sent and execute due to Microcontroller. Microcontroller is Special Purpose Computer.

    Microcontroller is very fast device so instruction given to it will excute very fast speed.
    When the power supply is given for ON, the quartz oscillator enabled by Control Logic Register. In few milliseconds, while preparation is in progress, the parasite capacitors are charged.
    When the Voltage level reaches its pick value and frequency of quartz oscillator becomes stable, the process of writing bits on SFRs started.This all takes place in very few nano seconds. Program counter is reset to zero address of the program memory. The address of the instructions sent to Instruction Decoder which decodes the instructions and thus executes them.
    After execution of first instruction, the address of program counter is incremented by 1 and next instruction to instruction decoder and executes the next instructions.

    Differences between Microcontroller and Microprocessor are as follows:-

    • Microprocessor is an Integrated chip which has CPU inside them. It do not have RAM,ROM. Where as Microcontroller has CPU having fixed amount of RAM,ROM and other peripheral devices.
    • Microcontroller control specific task.
      Microprocessor fined unspecific task where it developed program game photo editing etc.
    • Microcontroller is cheaper than Microprocessor.
    • Microcontroller are based on Harvad architecture where program memory and data memory are separated. Where as Microprocessor based on Von Neumann model where data are stored in same memory.
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    Some of important features are listed below:-
    Cost-effective:- The microprocessor chip are available at very low cost.
    Size :- It is very small chip due to fabricated technology used in it so it is also portable.
    Low Consumption power :- It consumes low power so it is reliable for use.
    High Speed :- Microprocessor has very high speed due to very large scale technology used in it.

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    Controlling unit of Micro-Computer is called Microprocessor which is fabricated on small chip ability to perform Arithmetic Logic Unit operations. Microprocessor consists of control Units, ALU and register Array. Control Unit control flows data in the computers.
    Microprocessor works on three sequence:- Fetch, Decode then Execute.
    Microprocessor initially store instruction in memory then fetch that instruction, Decode that instruction then Execute it and stop instruction.

    Advantages of Microprocessor are as follows:-

    • Low Cost :- Due to integrated circuit technology the Microprocessor has low cost.
    • High Speed :- It will execute millions of instruction at a time due to technology involved in it.
    • Small size :- Due to very large scale technology, it is fabricated in very less footprint.
    • Low Power Consumption :- It is manufactured using MOSFET which will operate in saturation and cut off modes.
    • Reliable :- Due to semiconductor technology used, it is very reliable.
    • Portable :- Due to small size and low power consumption it is portable
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    Artificial Intelligence emphasizes on creating intelligent machines that work and behaves like humans. It has ability to imitate intelligent human behavior. Artificial Intelligence has power to copy intelligent human behavior. Psychologist generally do not defined human intelligence by just one trait but by the combination of many diverse abilities.

    Scope of Artificial Intelligence:-

    • It has scope to developed gaming program, speech recognition machine, language detection machine etc.
    • In the adoption of mobile cloud technology large amount of data has been collected and Artificial intelligence need that data to store and adopt.
    • It is used in the field of surgery, medicine drugs.
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