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    What variables might be used to segment these consumer markets?

    ( a) lawn mowers, ( b) frozen dinners, ( c) dry breakfast cereals and ( d) soft drinks?

    Topic 2

    What variables might be used to segment these industrial markets?

    ( a) industrial sweepers, ( b) photocopiers, ( c) computerized production control systems, and ( d) car rental agencies?

    Topic 3

    the dormitory market segment includes students living in college-owned residence halls, sororities, and fraternities.

    What market needs are common to these students that justify combining them into a single segment in studying the market for your Wendy’s restaurant?

    Topic 4

    Estimate the market size, and give a brief justification for these market segments: ( a) dormitory students, ( b) day commuters, and ( c) people who work in the area.

    Topic 5

    Suppose you want to increase revenues for your fast-food restaurant even further. Referring to Figure 9-9, what advertising actions might you take to increase revenues from ( a) dormitory students, ( b) dinners, and ( c) after-dinner snacks from night commuters?

    Topic 6

    Which of the following variables would linear trend extrapolation be more accurate for? ( a) Annual population of the United States or ( b) annual sales of cars produced in the United States by General Motors. Why?

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