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    Many companies have quickly adopted open-source software due to its low cost, high reliability, and flexibility. However, adopting Linux also brings with it some major challenges. Before making the switch over to open-source software such as Linux, a business must do its homework and ensure that the software will indeed meet its business and computing requirements.

    Use the material in the textbook and explore the Web and other sources to address the following questions:

    1. What problems do Linux and other open-source software applications address? How does open-source software help solve these problems?

    2. What are the business and technology issues that should an organization should consider when deciding whether to use open-source software?

    3. Use the Web to research the cost of Microsoft Office and identify comparable open-source software (e.g. Staroffice, Openoffice).

    * List and briefly describe the open-source spreadsheet, database, and word processing programs that compete with Microsoft Office.

    * Create a table comparing the prices of traditional and open-source applications for each category of software.

    * Would you adopt the open-source software instead of Microsoft Office? Why or why not? On what criteria did you base your decision?

    Your response should be a 2-3 page Microsoft Word document, double spaced, and in 12 point Times New Roman or New Courier font. Follow APA guidelines for writing style, spelling and grammar, and citation of sources.

    Be sure to cite the references you used.

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