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    What is the general layout of a patent?


    A patent consists of three parts: the grant, specifications, and claims.

    The Grant- The grant is filled at the patent office which is not published. It is the actual signed document which is the agreement that grants patent rights to the inventor.

    Specifications- The specifications part is narrative and describes the subject matter and explains about the process of invention. It is published as a single document which is made public at a minimum charge from the patent office.

    The claim- The claim section specifically defines the scope of the invention to be protected by the patent to which the others may not practice.

    Reading a Patent

    In order to file a patent, the documents required should have a specialized structure. An applicant should first file a patent in his or her own country and then at a later stage/date files in the international office. The application is prepared with a specific, clear and concise title. A patent attorney is appointed for the legal aspects of the patent whose job also involves filling the patent in the office of the Controller of Patents.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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