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    What is the difference between variable and parameter?




    In the field of programming we can define variable as a value that can be change depending on the conditions or the information passed to the program. As we know program consist of instructions and instructs computer what to do and program use data when it is running. Data contain some fixed value that never change, variable value that are usually initialized to “0” and some of the default values because actual value supplied by the user of the program or computer. Constants and variables both are type of data types. It also determine and limits the form of the data.


    This is one of the special kind of variable in the programming language which is basically used to pass information between functions or procedures. So the function of parameter is bind to procedures or functions which pass the actual information which is sometimes known as arguments. There are some of the specified rules that are passed to functions are determined by the programming language. Don’t get confused with perimeter as it defines the external boundaries of a situation but not able to assessing it, we can define that as a static measure of the sample.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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