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    What is the control process?


    Ans. The control process is the four-step process which is followed by every organization.

    Establish performance standard

    It is very important for every organization to set the standards which can be used as a basis to measure the actual performance of the employees. These are the expectation of the employer from the employees. Employers must clearly define all the standards as well as the goals and objectives of the organization to the employees so that they work towards meeting those set criteria by the employer.

    Measuring actual performance

    After establishing the performance standards, the employers, the managers, or the seniors measures the performances of the employees what they have actually performed. The performances are measured in order to ascertain whether the work assigned to the employee is completed effectively and efficiently or not.

    Comparing actual performance with the standards

    In the next step of the control process, the actual performances of the employees are compared with the standards that are set by the employees in order to measure the performances of their employees. In this step, the employer ascertains whether the employee is capable of meeting the desired standards or not. If the standards are met by the employee he or she is considered to be the good performer and the employees who are not able to meet the standards are considered as bad performers by the seniors.

    Corrective action

    The last step in the control process is to take corrective action. Corrective action means that the employees who have performed well are recognized in the organization but those who have not performed well are corrected for their mistakes and they are guided by their seniors so that their performances can be improved in the future. Training is also provided to the employees in case there is a need to train the employees for increasing their efficiency.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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