what is Stored Procedures in MySQL?

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    what is Stored Procedures in MySQL?

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    A stored procedure is a stored routine which consist set of SQL statements that stored on the server. It can also be defined as a method that encapsulate repetitive tasks. The method is allow for the variable declarations, flow control which is useful in many different programming language. The method is useful for controlling access to data, preserve information that entered in the consistent manner and improve the productivity in terms of statement need to be written for once in stored procedure. First we need to define the procedure according to the functionality we need to perform then we need to preserve it by giving it the unique name. Whenever defined procedure is required anywhere we need to CALL it and then EXECUTE.

    MySQL stored procedure advantages

    As we know the stored procedure help to increase the performance of the application by once created procedures and again and compiled and stored in the database. The way MySQL use stores procedure is slightly different because they compile on demand and after compiling it puts in into a cache. So, maintain its own stored procedure cache for every single connection. For example if an application use the same stored procedure multiple times in a single connection then the compiled version is used and in the other way it behave like a simple query to execute something. The main purpose of using stored procedure is that, they reduce traffic between the application and the database server as they are stored on the server only. They are scalable, reliable to use and secure also.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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