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    What is Principles of Marketing?


    Marketing is defined as all the activities that are involved in the transfer of goods from producer or seller to consumer or buyer. It includes various activities like advertising, shipping, storing and selling. In other words we can say it is channelizing the gap between service and product providers to service and product seekers. Through this exchange process marketing seeks to satisfy the need of the people. It involves a whole lot of activities to find out what consumers want and then providing it for them. Every business organisation uses some marketing principles to maximize the marketing performance which is the ultimate goal of the organisation. Most business use marketing principles to successfully launch products in the market and hope for a grand success of the product. There are various marketing principles which an organisation can use but an effective marketing program is one which can identify consumer needs and preferences. Also the best marketing principle should help in determining how those needs can be fulfilled and also business organisation should know how much people will be willing to pay for the particular product because if producers have no idea about the willingness to pay of consumers for the particular product, he may keep too high prices and he will lose his share in the market. So proper survey and good marketing principles are must to sustain in this competitive world. Business organisation should always keep the customer satisfaction on priority because if the consumers are satisfied then there is no need of doing advertisement and without efforts they can sell a lot. Business organisations should not cheat consumers. They should provide them quality products at reasonable prices and it should not be like if they have sold out a product means they are done with it rather they should follow up the consumer and if they will be able to win the heart of a consumer then consumers will automatically do the advertisement task for the organisation and it will flourish.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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