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    What is Parametric Amplifier? Write its advantages and disadvantages


    Parametric Amplifier is a device in which periodic variation in its parameters. Capacitance of varactor diode under the influence of pump signals. The small input signal with frequency fg and Ac power with frequency fp is applied to varactor diode, the linear amplification occurs in the small input signal.

    The advantages of Parametric Amplifier are as follows:-

    • Noise Figure:- Due to minimum resistive element the thermal noise is very less in compare to transistor amplifier. Noise range is between 1-2dB
    • Frequency Range:- The upper frequency limits is set by obtaining difficulty in source power at pump frequency. The lower frequency is set by cut-off frequency of microwave.

    The disadvantages of Parametric Amplifier are as follows:-

    • Bandwidth:- The bandwidth of Parametric amplifier is very small due to tuned circuit present in it. Bandwidth of parametric Amplifier can be increase by stagger tuning.
    • Gain:- Parametric Amplifier is time varying capacitance and limited by stability of pump source.
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