What is internet advertising?

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    Juhi Garg

    Answer – Internet advertising means advertising the products and services with the help of the internet on various websites, blogs, and social media platforms. This type of advertising is a marketing technique with the help of which we can reach a greater number of people at a single time and influence and advertise our products and services and can easily make the product to reach a lot of people in the market who would like or prefer to buy these goods. Internet advertising is the most popular type of advertising these days and it is more effective than the traditional means of advertising like newspapers, hoardings, SMS advertising, mass media advertising etc. there are many benefits for a firm or a company to advertise the products with the help of the internet, for example, it is cost effective as advertising on the internet is very less costly, we can easily track results on internet marketing, it helps the product to reach to the global market, internet advertising is effective and more flexible in terms of timings as it stays active 24/7 and anyone can do it anytime and can control the internet advertisements from anywhere in the world and it is effective for 24 hours a day and the demographic regions are not the boundaries in internet advertising. The drawback of internet advertising is that internet advertising is only effective and useful for the target audience where the public is literate enough and have access to the internet and its related applications. The countries where the use of Internet and related devices are not in trend or the internet facilities are not available there this marketing tool is just useless.

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