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    What are the Tools of Time Management?


    1. Planning
    2. Deciding the goals and the objective
    3. Looking for the deadlines
    4. Delegation of authority and responsibility
    5. Labelling tasks as per the priorities
    6. Allocating the time as per the priority

    1. Planning: –

    A smart human always makes a plan before doing anything and work accordingly and somehow, he manages to be better than any other human that works randomly.
    A plan always helps the one to work better as he/she is already aware that tasks are to be performed and against what time. The work with uppermost submission time should be done first. One should not start any fresh or new work before completing the last one. Work which is done should be marked as completed and focused on the yet to do tasks. This makes work easy and less hectic.

    2. Deciding the goals and objectives: –

    Working without any end result is wastage of efforts and time. One should set the targets first and targets should be realistic and achievable in allocated time before proceeding with the work.

    3. Looking for the deadlines: –

    Do not wait for the deadlines to come and pressurize you, make your own deadline for the tasks. Analyze the work and set the time when it should be done and complete it in the planned slot of time.

    4. Delegation of authority and responsibility: –

    It’s ok to say ‘NO’ at the workplace, in fact, one should learn to say no. Sometimes it’s the demand of the circumstances. A person should not do everything at its own. An employee at the workplace should not accept the work about which he/she is unaware of or don’t have any knowledge or which is difficult for him/her. The distribution of jobs, responsibilities and authority should have a balance in them. A person should be given an according to his/her job and responsibility he/she has and should have equal authority to do that work otherwise the outcome would be of no use.

    5. Labelling task as per the priorities: –

    Prioritizing the planned tasks is another very important tool of time management. One should know the difference between important and urgent work and prioritize the task accordingly.

    6. Allocating the time as per priority: –

    One should learn how to distribute the limited hours of work into various activities. Allocating time to the different tasks depends on the priority of work. Task done at a wrong time is of no use, so one should know how and when for every task.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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