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    What are the Componets of Android?


    The main components of android are:
    (i) Activity:- Activity provides an interface between user and application and take an         action.The different windows and screens of an application are the activities.
    An application generally has many activities.Activities are like the pages in a website. For instance, in a Facebook app, the login screen is one activity, and the news feeds from your friends after signing in would be another one.

    (ii) Intent:-  Intent as a message to allow the application to request action from the other application components (like activity), for instance VIEW, CALL, PLAY etc.

    (iii) Services:- Services are components that do not have a User Interface; they run in the background. An example of Service component in Facebook app would be the friend request notifications.

    (iv) Content Provider:- Content provider is a data store that enables data sharing across different applications. Content providers provide a uniform interface to access the data. An example is Call logs.

    (v) Broadcast Receiver:-A Broadcast  receiver comes into action only in specific situations. Suppose an Intent for which a particular broadcast receiver has been registered occurs, the broadcast receiver is triggered into action and the user gets a notification for the same. (For example: Battery low notification).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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