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    What are examples of time management skills?


    1. Organized
    2. Know the priorities
    3. Punctuality and discipline
    4. The feeling of empathy with work
    5. Diplomatic
    6. Focus
    7. Make achievable plans

    1. Organized: –

    • A person should plan all his/her task a day before.
    • An employee is expected to keep his/her desk or work station clean.
    • Important files should be kept organized so they can be found easily when they are required and a person doesn’t need to waste time in finding them.
    • Important documents should be kept stapled always.
    • Do not stack whatever is not required.

    2. Know the priorities: –

    • Set priorities before starting.
    • Work according to the way it was planned.
    • Work with uppermost priority should be done first.
    • Marked the completed work as done for a sense of satisfaction.
    • Roles and responsibilities should be clear in mind.

    3. Punctuality and Discipline: –

    • Try to come 5 minutes before your actual reporting time.
    • Try to complete as soon as you can, do not delay it for later.
    • The skill of punctuality helps a person in achieving the targets before the deadline.

    4. The feeling of empathy with work: –

    • One should work with the intention not just because of the orders given by the boss.
    • It’s ok to accept your mistakes and say sorry, it helps a person to learn more.
    • Be responsible for the work done by you.

    5. Diplomatic: –

    • A polite NO is not a crime in the workplace. A person should learn to say no to the work that doesn’t belong to him/her.
    • A person should be given work as per their interest, qualification, responsibility and authority to take out best from them.

    6. Focus: –

    • A person is expected to be more focused on the task allotted to him/her.
    • Avoid getting engaged in long personal calls.

    7. Make achievable plans: –

    • A sole individual should not be burdened with all the work.
    • Plans that superior makes for subordinated should be according to the qualification, authority and responsibility allotted to him/her.

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