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    Microeconomics is the study of individual or consumer behavior. It basically deals with the decisions taken by an individual at a personal level. There are certain books that one must read carefully for the thorough understanding of microeconomics. Following are top 10 books on microeconomics that one must follow.

    1. Microeconomics by Andreu Mas Colell
    2. Advanced Microeconomics by Geoffrey A Jehle
    3. A course in Microeconomic Theory by David M kreps
    4. Microeconomic Theory –Basic Principles and Extension
    5. Intermediate microeconomics by Hal Varian
    6. Notes on the theory of choice by David M Kreps
    7. Microeconomics by Michael Parkin
    8. General Competitive Analysis by FH Hahn
    9. Microeconomics by Huge Gravelle
    10. Game Theory by Drew Fudenberg

    These are some of the books that one must refer to get a thorough understanding of microeconomics. For the understanding of microeconomics, we must go through these books to obtain a clearer perspective.

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