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    test ur mathematical skills….

    hi all

    this is not a question related to science although it has been framed taking bacteria as an example

    try it out

    this shall improve ur logical and mathematical skills as most of the entrance exams now-a-days focus on logical reasoning, mental abilities etc…

    so lets try to solve it out….

    A bacteria gives birth to two new bacterias in each second and the life span of each bacteria is 5 seconds . the process of reproduction is continuous until the death of the bacteria. Initially there is one newly born bacteria at time t=0, then find the total number of bacteria just after 10 seconds?


    completion of first second-> 2 new + 1 old =3
    2nd second ->(3*2)6new +3 old =9
    3rd second->(9*2)new + 9 old =27
    4th second ->(27*2)new + 27 old=81
    5th second ->(81*2)new + 81 old – 1(life time completes for 1st bacteria) =242
    6th second ->242*2new + 242 old – 2(see born in first second which are new)=724
    7th second->724*2new+724old – 6(see born in 2nd second which are new)=2166
    8th second->2166*3 – 18 =6480
    9th second=>6480*3 – 54 =19386
    10th second=>19386*3 – 81*2 =57996

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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