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    Pitter John

    Write the semi-technical description of Solanaceae family of flower.




    Flowers of Solanum nigrum

    Family Solanaceae

    Vegetative features:

    Habit: Erect, herbaceous plant

    Leaves: Simple, exstipulate leaves with reticulate venation

    Stem: Erect stem with numerous branches.

    Floral features:

    Inflorescence: Solitary and axillary

    Flowers: Actinomorphic, bisexual flowers

    Calyx: Calyx is composed of five sepals that are united and persistent. Aestivation is valvate.

    Corolla: Corolla consists of five united petals with valvate aestivation.

    Androecium: It consists of five epipetalous stamens.

    Gynoecium: It consists of bicarpellary syncarpous superior ovary with axile placentation.

    Fruits: Berry

    Seeds: Numerous, endospermous

    Floral formula:

    Economic importance: Used for medicinal purposes.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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